A Skin on Skin Classic, The Purchase, and What Exactly are Eurythmics Anyhow

John Waters reads a very steamy scene from Lady Chatterly’s Lover.

Philip Marchand reviewed Linda Spalding’s The Purchase in the Post this weekend, deeming it “one of the finest historical novels in recent years.” The book was recently shortlisted for the Writer’s Trust and Governor General’s fiction prizes. I also spoke with Spalding about the rich language she used throughout the novel.

A glossary of the now painfully dated colloquialisms and cultural references in the music of the 1980's, intended for digital natives. Too little too late, for those NPR interns that write one of my fave music columns, You’ve Never Heard...?!. And here are the 10 songs mentioned most frequently in novels, according to the cool bookish app thinger Small Demons.

Are you as excited about Chris Ware’s Building Stories as I am? Jeet Heer’s review in the Globe is only fanning the fire.

And finally, some funny things authors have said about their books being banned.

Photo by EIFF