a patient does a dance under the spotlight created by her doctor's laryngoscope
The Favourite Patient

Likeability? That’s for losers. Or so I thought, until I developed an unexplained chronic illness, and winning my doctors' approval became intertwined with my well-being.

An illustration of Boris Karloff glares at the camera
A Tight Collar and Plenty of Gin

How the actor Boris Karloff obscured his Anglo-Indian roots and reinvented himself into an icon of Hollywood horror.

An image of couples reaching towards storks carrying babies, on a backdrop of a blue sky with fluffy clouds.
Waiting Room

How hopeful parents' struggles with a major Canadian surrogacy agency illustrate the need for regulation.

A portrait of the actor Mary Alice
A Light Under the Door

Mary Alice dedicated her career to portraying Black women with depth and nuance. Why were there so few parts in which she could shine?



technicolor sand dunes with a red sky and cacti
The Voice of the Desert

Listening to the American Southwest.

Cat eyes peering out of a field of shooting stars
Cat Fox Neutrino

Searching for a new literary realism in the Anthropocene.  

Denis Johnson’s Redemption in the Margins

I’d been enthralled by his writing for some years, but I had to go see for myself how the man’s brain worked.

دنیا کا سب سے تنہا آدمی

عرفان خان کی زندگی کے سفر پر ایک نظر

दुनिया का सबसे तन्हा इंसान

एक सफ़रनामा इरफ़ान ख़ान की अदाकारी का

Everything is Open

“People tend to notice when you say, ‘I can open your front door in thirty seconds.’”