Announcing the Hazlitt Editorial Fellowship for Underrepresented Communities

A note from your editors.

Hazlitt is an award-winning journalism website published by Penguin Random House Canada. We focus on long-form journalism, memoir, and essays, as well as original fiction and interviews with authors and other artists.

Historically, media outlets in Canada have failed to achieve representation of the communities they serve, and Hazlitt is no exception. In an effort to attempt to break down some of those barriers, we hope to create a program that allows participants in a variety of circumstances to access practical training in the craft of journalism that can aid them in building their career.

The Fellowship: An intensive and accommodating month-long virtual learning opportunity in the field of long-form narrative nonfiction journalism. The fellowship is intended for those interested in a career in journalism whose circumstances make it challenging to access journalism school and traditional 9-5 internship programs.

Format: Twice annually beginning the fall of 2020, we will take on a fellow for a month-long training program in the rudiments of journalism editorial work: line and structural editing, fact-checking, copyediting and more. This part-time program will be accessible to candidates anywhere in Canada and designed to work around each successful applicant’s schedule. The fellowship will pay $2500.

Accountability: As a further step to increasing Hazlitt’s commitment to diverse publishing, we will hold a public audit of our publishing at the end of 2020, and annually after that, with a promise to work to correct disparities in the following year.

Please check back in September 2020, when we will post a call for applicants.