Adventure Time And Turner Classic Movies

By Hazlitt

A new Jason Molina tribute album is streaming at NPR, and it is a lovely thing.

“An earlier version of this story said that the methane emissions associated with livestock come from their farts. In fact, most of those methane emissions come from belches.”

The great Argentinian philosopher Ernesto Laclau passed away. VersoBooks has a fitting obituary.

Using beneficiary-of-celebrity-nepotism and contemporary philosopher Jaden Smith’s tweets to pick up girls on Tinder.

At the New YorkerEmily Nussbaum devotes some well-deserved space to Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.

Turner Classic Movies turned 20 yesterday and still gets away with playing old movies all damn day. Take that, AMC, with your fancy Mad Men and Walter Whites!

Stamps of Finland. (NSFW!)

Who killed it at Coachella? You don’t even know, bro.

"I believe Bush paints because Bush can do anything. Every American dream, Bush got—an Ivy League education, running his own sports team, even the presidency. When each dream ended in failure, he grinned and moved on."

Finally, a trailer for the film adaptation of Gone Girl

Doug Glanville played professional baseball for eight years, and now works for ESPN as a color commentator. Sometimes the police screw with him in his own driveway because he’s black.

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