Journalistic Lapses and Very Sharp Teeth

October 24, 2014

Still from "Between Two Ferns"

"What The Guardian did was entirely ethical. Whisper told its reporters highly newsworthy facts about its own service. The information was all on the record. The Guardian reported it. It would have been a journalistic lapse for the paper not to have told readers what it had learned." The ethics of The Guardian's Whisper bombshell.

Awwwww, look at their sharp teeeeeth! So cute!

And if foxes don't work, consider the lion

"Bart Pit, 
12 Years A Salve"

"Initially, I thought that I might have grown out of my unwholesome attraction to alcohol—that I can have a casual drink now and then, without returning to full-blown alcoholism. This is, of course, a delusion. Maybe I am simply incapable of quitting more than one vice at a time." Over at The Walrus, Lynn Cunningham writes about quitting her multiple-packs a day addiction.

Why Aren’t There More Movies Like Love & Basketball? An excellent question from Hazlitt contributor Anupa Mistry.