Terminator Studies and a Quarter Hour of Fun

October 9, 2014

“Mostly, I offered understanding. The truth is, even for guys who hire me for three or four hours, the sex usually only takes about 15 minutes. It’s the understanding they’re buying.

“She’s a great person to be poor with because we’ve been poor together! We could live in a car together and it would be really fun.” Rick Owens, the incurable romantic.

Fracking for the cure!

The Terminator Studies.

Well, I have to get this weed out of my ass.”

Should Twitter suspend a transgender employee accused of raping her wife?

“I just call it stadium ‘Jonestown’ because the guy who runs the show is only there for prophet and being there makes me want to kill myself.”

“I very quickly learned a truth about parenting: In the early days, when the fetus, and then baby, has no stated preferences and can’t disagree with you, it’s as much about you as it is about the child. And if dressing my baby was all about me, there was going to be plenty of baggage.”

Rosamund Pike has some thoughts on playing the Gone Girl.

Read this if you want to feel like an alcoholic.