2016 In Review

The Year in Prepping

I spent my year eavesdropping on people who believe that an inability to do things for oneself is not only impractical or short-sighted, but morally punishable.

The Year in Broken Hungarian

When people asked me why I had come to Budapest, I told them it made sense at the time. 

The Year in Creating Black Joy

What happens when we purposefully set aside time to meditate on the multifaceted nature of Black joy in the face of Black suffering?

The Year in Observance

I now find myself repeatedly asking which is the more powerful Jewish tradition, our love of ourselves or the world’s hatred of us?

The Year in Audio Nostalgia

Modern music streaming services are rigorously quality-controlled from the instant the songs are uploaded by labels and artists—there’s no longer any room for happy accidents.

The Year in the Endless Present

It’s hard to shake the notion that the defuturing of the future suggests something larger: not that the future is now, but that the future may never get past now.

The Year in Blame

No one wants a mewling essay full of apologies. It’s almost an act of selfishness—to share an apology reflects weakness. Trump knew it all along: there's no social capital in culpability.

The Year in Avatars

What are the selves we paint out there but a kaleidoscopic refraction of our multiple desires for who we wish to be?

The Year in Giving Up

Here are four things I gave up this year. 

The Year in Conspiracy Theories

This year, we have witnessed the mainstreaming of the idea that most, perhaps all, things are being orchestrated by shadowy forces outside of our control.