God, We Were Married!

It was the best first wedding we could have asked for. But it wasn’t enough! Clearly!


In Dolor, we had no concept of damage. Time was the closest to damage we knew.

The Hijack

Olivia Robinson was and is much worse than I am. She’s also, in the sense that matters to her and to our world, much greater.

The Children of Dzhankoy

A very Russian turn of events: no solutions, but the trouble passes—so why bring it up?

Old Peg

“I guess I should tell you about something.”

Aaliyah, or View the Infernal Storm

Her thoughts returned to the battlefield.

The Thief

Ebbing had perfect fetal recall.

The Kiss

“Tell me what man would drive all that way if there wasn’t something waiting.”

Outside, People Were Crying, Or They Weren't

Is that bizarre? he asked. That such a brief experience of love was too much?

Time in NYC

He had Alex now, he thought. He wouldn’t feel those old pangs. But the loneliness greeted him like a—well, not so much like an old friend. But. You know. Like loneliness.