Two people sitting on chairs with their backs to each other and to their surroundings, with the smoke stacks of Auschwitz in the background and the smoking rubble of Gaza reflected in the pool in the foreground.
The Making of the Genocidal Mind

The genocidal mind is not the preserve of cartoon monsters in history books. It is a collusion of psychological habits groomed and grown in people like us when we fixate on our private gardens.

Dickie Greenleaf stares out a window but the reflection is Tom Ripley
My Funny Valentine

Back in high school a friend had called me Matt Damon in the drawl of Team America, but the connection to Tom Ripley felt more psychic, fundamental.

A young Sabu looks out in a grey suit
Jungle Boy

The brief, improbable Hollywood stardom of Sabu.

I Could Live Without Speaking

A Self-Portrait, Experiment, and Homage.