Food & Drink

My Wine Accumulation

As much as I appreciate wine and like to drink it, I’m not building a monument to good taste—it's a library of possibility.

Of Salty Reviews and Silent Chefs

When New York’s Per Se was devastated by a recent Times review, why weren't restaurateur Thomas Keller’s peers anywhere to be seen?

A Hero's Just A Sandwich

We may want to have a drink with our idols, but what's the cost of toasting power?

Short Memory Town

It's an exciting time for Toronto's restaurants, but we’d do well to remember how we got here. 

Female Authority and the Male Leadership Myth

In the notoriously sexist and gossipy restaurant industry, "bosses" become "bitches" far too easily.

Pour Me Another: Mixology's Tipping Point

The more seriously people take bartending, the more it turns toward self-parody.