The First Two Days of the Next Four Years

Scenes from the inauguration of Donald Trump and the Women's March on Washington.

Three Fates in Nigeria

Terror threats, delayed elections, and inept social media assistants: Imagining the fight for Nigeria's political future.

Toronto's City Hall of Horrors

Considering some of the candidates that will be on Toronto's ballots next week, it's only fitting that election season is wrapping up on the cusp of Halloween.

The Case for Doug Ford

There are mayoral candidates in Toronto who care about the city, genuinely want to improve it, and, most of all, actually want to be mayor. Together, we can stop them.

Occupy Central, and the Myth and Misunderstanding of Reform

Observers optimistically cast Xi Jinping as a reformer, but as Occupy Central protesters in Hong Kong are finding, you conflate "reform" with partisan ideology at your own peril.

Nation-Building As An Act of Violence

Scotland may well deserve a position we in Canada take for granted, but there's no reason to present the fight for independence as something other than it is.

So, How’s Toronto’s Election Going?

Exit Rob Ford, enter Doug Ford, re-enter Rob Ford.

Cable Unbundling and the Triumph of Lowered Expectations

Canadian consumers may soon get to choose which cable channels they pay for, but don’t worry: telcos will still find new and exciting ways to disappoint.

Nato vs. Russia: Considering Failure as an Option

The coalition's current stand-off against Vladimir Putin goes to the heart of its raison d’etre.

Hillary Clinton: Dare to be Stupid

She may be the odds-on favorite to win the next election, but she can't stop reminding us why she lost her last one.