Photo of woman with a curly bob, red lipstick, and a black teeshirt. Collage features a yellow book cover that says NO MEAT REQUIRED
‘We Have a Deep Hatred of Taking Food Seriously’: An Interview with Alicia Kennedy

The author of No Meat Required on the politics of veganism, living and eating in Puerto Rico, and the future of subscription lettuce.

Diptych of author Heidi Julavits and the book jacket of Directions to Myself
‘What’s the New Wind?’: An Interview with Heidi Julavits

The author of Directions to Myself discusses temporal landmarks, the vilification of Sally Mann, and nonfiction as a juxtapositional art form.

A portrait of author Sarah Jackson and an image of her book cover.
'An Unfiltered Unleashing of Thoughts': An Interview with Sarah Jackson

The author of A Bit Much on anticipatory grief, huge emotions, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

diptych of author Brandon Taylor and the jacket of his novel The Late Americans
‘Writing From the Whole of Life’: An Interview with Brandon Taylor

The author of The Late Americans on ecstatic first drafts, satirizing the MFA, and characters who stake their lives on art.

The cover of Bedroom Rapper by Rollie Pemberton, featuring an image of the author as a child wearing a Michael Jackson t-shirt, and Who is Wellness For by Fariha Roisin, featuring abstract swathes of warm colours blending into one another.
The Global Solidarity

Writers Rollie Pemberton (Bedroom Rapper) and Fariha Roisin (Who is Wellness For?) talk about coming of age artistically in predominantly white spaces, the power of vulnerability, and the intersection between capitalism and health.

Photo of woman with brown hair, glasses, and puppy, plus an orange book cover with a nude women spooning a male cardinal.
‘Why Be an Authentic Person? Who Does That Serve?’: An Interview with Jenny Fran Davis

The author of Dykette explores the tantalizing possibilities in stories of queer love.

Allie Rowbottom and the cover of Aesthetica
‘I Resist Through Exploration’: An Interview with Allie Rowbottom

The author of Aesthetica on stardom and online hate, conflict between feminisms, and the evergreen currency of a woman’s image.

‘The Things We Take For Granted Hurt Us The Most’: An Interview with Jenny Odell

Whose clock are you on? The author of Saving Time discusses actors versus automatons, and existing between the margins of the “unforgiving timetable world.”

‘Between Adorations and Lamentations’: An Interview with Patrick Bringley

The author of All the Beauty in the World on creating a personal map of meaning during his time as a guard at New York’s Metropolitan Museum.

‘What You See Is Determined By Where You Are Standing’: An Interview with Marion Turner

The author of The Wife of Bath: A Biography offers an unexpected channel into the life of one of literature’s greatest fictional characters—Alison of Bath.