A portrait of the author, next to the cover of his book
‘Resilience Doesn’t Apply to Every Situation’: An Interview with Mike Mariani

The author of What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Us on chronic fatigue syndrome, Nietzsche, and catastrophic life events that engender an afterlife.

An image of the author Michael Crummey, beside the cover of his latest novel
'It Is My Responsibility As A Parent': An Interview with Michael Crummey

The author of The Adversary on writing in the Anthropocene, crafting an unforgivable villain, and taking your place in the protest line. 

An image of Zalika Reid Benta and the cover of her novel, River Mumma
'I Have This Thing About Water': An Interview with Zalika Reid-Benta

The author of River Mumma on the demonization of traditional medicines, cities as characters, and quarter-life crises. 

collage of non-binary author Isle McElroy and cover art of their novel People Collide
‘I Prefer Sitting in the Splash Zone of Cruelty’: An Interview with Isle McElroy

The author of People Collide on body swaps, Gender Vertigo, and cruelty as a path to honesty.

An image of author Claudia Dey, in a black blouse and black leather pants, sitting on a table, beside the cover of her book Daughter
‘The More Sheared a Line, the More Life It Can Hold’: An Interview with Claudia Dey

The author of Daughter on writing as channeling, emails as gunfire, and emotional math. 

Photo of woman with a curly bob, red lipstick, and a black teeshirt. Collage features a yellow book cover that says NO MEAT REQUIRED
‘We Have a Deep Hatred of Taking Food Seriously’: An Interview with Alicia Kennedy

The author of No Meat Required on the politics of veganism, living and eating in Puerto Rico, and the future of subscription lettuce.

Diptych of author Heidi Julavits and the book jacket of Directions to Myself
‘What’s the New Wind?’: An Interview with Heidi Julavits

The author of Directions to Myself discusses temporal landmarks, the vilification of Sally Mann, and nonfiction as a juxtapositional art form.

A portrait of author Sarah Jackson and an image of her book cover.
'An Unfiltered Unleashing of Thoughts': An Interview with Sarah Jackson

The author of A Bit Much on anticipatory grief, huge emotions, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

diptych of author Brandon Taylor and the jacket of his novel The Late Americans
‘Writing From the Whole of Life’: An Interview with Brandon Taylor

The author of The Late Americans on ecstatic first drafts, satirizing the MFA, and characters who stake their lives on art.

The cover of Bedroom Rapper by Rollie Pemberton, featuring an image of the author as a child wearing a Michael Jackson t-shirt, and Who is Wellness For by Fariha Roisin, featuring abstract swathes of warm colours blending into one another.
The Global Solidarity

Writers Rollie Pemberton (Bedroom Rapper) and Fariha Roisin (Who is Wellness For?) talk about coming of age artistically in predominantly white spaces, the power of vulnerability, and the intersection between capitalism and health.