orange snake and red mushroom
A Hairsplitter’s Odyssey

Probe all the nuances, niceties, and subtle shades of meaning your little heart desires.

The Masked Man Wants Something

It is Monday, and Gary Wilensky is getting himself a gun. 

'One of the Most Ridiculous Things That Has Ever Occurred in the History of the United States'

In this excerpt from Red Heat, Alex von Tunzelmann looks at how the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion changed the balance of power during the Cold War.

Roman Dog via Wikimedia
True Dog Stories

No two dogs are alike, nor are their stories. An excerpt from Radio Benjamin, the collected radio broadcasts of Walter Benjamin.

The Pentecostal Church of God
Religion Fights Back

In this excerpt from her new book on religious violence, Fields of Blood, Karen Armstrong examines the psychological impact of World War I and the birth Protestant fundamentalism in the U.S.

Paintings of Kisses at the Rio Art Fair

A couple's kisses, from first to last, are catalogued in this short story from Shelly Oria's upcoming collection New York 1, Tel Aviv 0.

Women For The Women and Men of Afghanistan's Police

Under the “patriarchal rule” of Afghanistan, three female RCMP officers trained local police in ethical practices. Terry Gould profiles the work of these women in this excerpt from Worth Dying For.

Unruly Places

An investigation into lost spaces, secret cities, and other inscrutable geographies.

The German Defector

In 1943, Kim Philby secured his rise through MI6 by orchestrating a daring defection. Secretly, it would also prove to be the first of his many great betrayals. An excerpt from A Spy Among Friends.

‘Let Us Be Gone Forever’

Surviving a brutal residential school should have been a victory for a young First Nations boy. But in this excerpt from Up Ghost River, it's a moment of relative calm in a lifetime of exploitation.