Pregnant During the Pandemic: Three Stories

A COVID pregnancy is riddled with small, subtle losses.

Psychopaths and the Rest of Us

Searching for empathy with those society deems unforgivable.

An Answer I Can't Give My Daughters

I don’t want to test my children for genetic illness to subvert their autonomy, but to allow them to fully exert it. And though I have the means, I can't quite find the will. 

The New Chronic

Medical advances are turning once-fatal illnesses into manageable conditions, but what's life like for patients whose existences become a liminal space between not-quite-healthy and not-quite-sick?

Tech Support

Building a network through the fog of depression can feel impossible. Now, more and more people are going online to fill gaps in our mental health care system. 

Horror's True Gift

The wreckage of last year's Ebola outbreak remains, and for the first time in 2015, cases have risen in three African nations. The crisis is far from over, so why don't we care anymore?

Miraculous, Life-Saving Medicine: Friend or Foe?

Misled parents and their totally unfounded fears of vaccinations have led to a very-much-founded fear of preventable diseases becoming serious killers again.

Blood, Guilt, and the Roots of Dental Dread

From Enlightment-era tools of torture to Marathon Man.

|| Image by Julia Dickens
Nature’s Most Perfect Killing Machine

Ebola is nightmare fuel: a biological doomsday device conspiring with our bodies to murder us in uniquely gruesome fashion. It’s also killed fewer than 2,000 people. How has a virus with such a modest body count so fiercely captured the darkest corners of our imagination?