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Discourse and the Dirt Rave

In the offline world, it’s totally possible for something to be great and terrible at the same time.

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Breaking the Infinite Content Loop

Please Unsubscribe, Thanks! encourages us to press eject. 

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I Can Feel My Heart Beating Just Fine On My Own

My Apple Watch told me, every day, how I was grinding myself down, but it didn’t particularly care.

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Berry Season

The bush pricked everyone’s fingers and provided handfuls of blush-red fruit for the price, if you were willing to pay it. Every summer I lived in that house I was glad to.

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The Human Pinterest

Travis Scott searches for Utopia after Astroworld.

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Doing One's Best

What does artistic freedom mean for a filmmaker today?

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Disco’s Revenge

Thoughts on Beyoncé and her masterful Renaissance tour.

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Only Connect!

Two paths for the independent film.

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Poor Me!

Normally I love pity, but not when I actually need it.

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Martin Amis, Cinephile

Remembering the late novelist’s encounters with the movies.